Production Manager – FMCG

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  • Permanent
  • Cape Town
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SFG Engineering Services

Job description

Main purpose of the Job

The duties of this post includes but is not limited to the following; to oversee the complete function of the production line and maintaining quality control; managing, planning, controlling and coordinating of the manufacturing processes. Ensure that the finished goods are produced and packaged at the correct volumes, quality levels and at the right cost. Responsible for the production and manufacturing of the company’s product within the prescribed specification and efficient machine operations by performing the following key functions. Manage all aspects of the day to day planning. Production manager is involved in the pre-production (planning) stage as well as the production (control and supervision) stage. Providing continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes including teaching and coaching on the shop floor.

Key Performance Area of Responsibilities


Planning, implementing and controlling of the manufacturing line in a cost effective manner.

Oversee the manufacturing process by drawing up, controlling and adjusting of the production schedule according to operational requirements.

Ensure that goods are manufactured according to the product specification and the line is run according to specific standard operating procedures.

Ensure the start-up all elements of the line from the blow moulder, filler, mixer, palletiser, labeller, shrinkwrapper

Ensure the setup of job, change overs and correct shut down procedure is followed. Ensure that set production targets are met and recorded.

Ensure that the production line is run in a cost effective manner.

Ensure product quality standards and processes are met and recorded.

Ensure production process flow is adhered to and collaborate with management to identify all processes and production line issues.

Ensure that all operating materials are used efficiently to minimize wastage within the production area.

Ensure that all required production line activity reports are completed.

Ensure that all finished goods are packaged according to Standard Operating Procedures.

Ensure quality of production meets company standards and customer specifications.

Ensure that the line is manned at all times and consistently monitor proper product manufacturing.

Keep the lines running with minimal downtime and product wastage.

Operate, supervise and report back on all elements of the production line operation.

Staff Management

Supervising and motivating the production team.

Responsible for reviewing all staff work performance.

Identifying staff training needs.

Control staff absenteeism and work attendance.

Responsible for staff disciplinary action.

Handle all staff issues and queries and report to Human Resources.

Ensure that the production team and line operators perform their jobs effectively and according to the standard operating procedures.

Ensure that all the company’s policies, procedures and directives are followed constantly by all staff.

Ensure morning briefings with staff are conducted daily with operations plans.

Ensure that all staff adheres to company rules and safety regulations by wearing PPE at all times.

Provide the necessary on job training to all operators.

Manage, motivate and direct the line operators to superior job performance. Monitor staff absenteeism and behaviour and discipline accordingly.

Machinery & Equipment

Manage and maintain accurate record keeping and control of all machinery and equipment of the line.

Manage and ensure that machines are maintained according to set schedule.

Manage and operate the equipment according to the SOP’s and adhere to safe working practices at all times.

Perform scheduled inspections of equipment and housekeeping as specified by check list.

Perform physical testing, dry run during and/or after schedule maintenance.

Perform visual quality inspections of manufacturing line and report all faultiness, machine malfunction promptly to management.

Set up and operate the production machines each day according to the standard operating procedures and set schedules.

Monitor and dictate line speed accordingly to quality and production output. Respond quickly and appropriate when the line is down

Health and Safety

Ensure compliance with all housekeeping rules and regulations.

Ensure compliance with comply with health and safety and environmental procedures and legislation.

Ensure compliance of safe machine operation of all equipment and machinery to prevent injury or damage.

Perform regular health and safety inspections on the line for all hazards and identify unsafe practises. Perform daily clean-up of production lines.


Be able to safely power down all the equipment, facility and secure the building in case of emergency. All paperwork, checklist, reports to be done properly, timely and orderly.

Understands and follows the company Standard Operating Procedures.

All other duties related and assigned within the scope of duty.

Must be able to work in a fast paced, team orientated environment.

Must be able to work hours necessary to complete the assigned tasks.

Skills and ability

Ability to multi-task and be able to do several things at one time.

Ability to demonstrate leadership and staff supervision.

Work effectively within a team environment and independently.

Must have worked previously in a Manufacturing/Factory environment.

Must have strong mechanical aptitude and technical skills.

Must be trainable and willing to learn.

Must be motivated to perform effectively.

Must have good organization and house keep habits.

Must be able to work the require shifts in order to maintain production levels.

Knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Ability to devise and implement best practice processes, systems & documentation and daily management to ensure compliance/fully functional & operating at all times.

Good written and verbal communication skills.

Demonstrated staff leadership & management skills and outcomes.

Planning & scheduling skills

Analytical & reporting skills

Problem Solving Skills

Communication skills

Technical skills


  • Diploma (Required)



  • Bottling FMCG: 5 years (Required)
  • Management: 5 years (Required)
  • Production machines: 5 years (Required)
  • Line Speed: 5 years (Required)
  • Quality Inspection: 5 years (Required)