QC Supervisor/Welding Coordinator

  • Full Time
  • Permanent
  • Cape Town
  • Applications have closed

SFG Engineering

Job Requirements:

  • Senior Certificate
  • Senior Welding Inspector – Level 2
  • IWS
  • NDT experience and /or qualification – preferably Level 2
  • ISO 3834 training
  • ISO 9001 Training
  • Welding coordination experience
  • Root cause analysis experience
  • 3 to 5 years of relevant experience.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Applicable knowledge regarding all relevant standards to execute relevant verification(s).
  • Responsible for welding procedure qualifications and compliance.
  • Responsible for performance qualifications.
  • Provide production with necessary welding quality support.
  • Responsible for welding inspections.
  • Responsible for safety requirements compliance, procedures, and policies.
  • Responsible for and maintaining quality assurance.
  • Project management.
  • Relevant training.
  • Perform relevant evaluation.
  • Stand in for Head of Quality Assurance



  • Verify base material and filler metal compliance.
  • Verify filler metal storage/handling compliance.
  • Verify inspection records compliance.
  • Verify proper documentation compliance.
  • Verify base material and filler metal compatibility.
  • Certify documented results compliance.
  • Verify procedure qualification records compliance.
  • Verify welding procedure compliance.
  • Verify NDE procedures compliance Assist in verifying ISO compliance.

Performance Qualification:

  • Witness welder performance qualification
  • Verify welder qualification compliance.
  • Verify welder qualification records compliance
  • Request welder performance requalification


Welding Inspection:

  • Perform visual examinations.
  • Verify examination procedure compliance.
  • Review examination results in compliance
  • Develop visual inspection procedures (before, during, and after welding)
  • Provide NDE inspection planning and scheduling (before, during, and after a project)
  • Review welding inspection reports
  • Verify implementation of non-destructive and destructive evaluation methods
  • Prepare visual inspection requirements.
  • Prepare N DE requirements.
  • Report investigation results of quality inspection disputes
  • Prepare destructive testing requirements Procedure Qualification:
  • Verify welding equipment appropriateness.
  • Verify edge preparation compliance.
  • Verify joint geometry compliance Witness procedure qualification.
  • Verify welding procedure qualification compliance
  • Review and approve welding procedures.
  • Develop welding procedures.


  • Verify welder qualification appropriateness.
  • Verify production welding compliance Verify personnel qualification when requested for specific projects.
  • Perform Welding Coordination Activities and responsibilities to ISO 14731 by acting as the RWC (Responsible Welding Coordinator).
  • Ensuring guidance to the welders through advanced knowledge of welding processes, procedures, specifications, and codes.
  • Assist welders by inspecting their work and assisting in problem-solving whenever there is confusion.
  • Performing visual inspections on items in progress to check for deformities and scope of improvement, and/or managing individuals performing the inspections.
  • Making use of stress equipment for in-house bend tests on weld joints for procedure and welder qualifications.
  • Recording the reading of tests for future reference.
  • Responsible for testing and coding new and existing artisans to specified codes & standards.



  • Verify safety requirements compliance.
  • Develop safety procedures and policies.


Quality Assurance:

  • Perform audits and surveillance.
  • Develop quality assurance plans.
  • Prepare base material control requirements.
  • Prepare weld consumable control requirements.
  • Prepare audit and surveillance plans.
  • Prepare documentation control requirements.
  • Assist in Management of the QMS
  • Assist in Managing IIRS
  • Assist in ensuring business reaches COPQ and NCQ targets.
  • MBU Participation
  • Act as a stand-in for the Head of Quality Assurance when required.

Project Management:

  • Review contract requirements
  • Review vendor proposal compliance
  • Prepare weld inspection bid specifications.
  • Prepare purchase specifications.
  • Determine vendor capacity and capability.
  • Select vendor.


  • Develop and provide a training program for the
  • AWI
  • Develop visual inspection training.
  • Verify implementation of visual inspection training


  • Evaluate AWI performance.
  • Perform inspection results trend analysis.