Mid-Level Estimator

  • Full Time
  • Permanent
  • Cape Town
  • Applications have closed

SFG Engineering Services


  • BTech or National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • 3-5 years Steel Fabrication Experience
  • Mining, Marine and Petrochemical Experience
  • Tendering Experience



  • Be proficient and able to implement and train others.
  • Possess strong mathematical and computer skills. Proficiency with all MS Office products (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint & Auto CAD)
  • Ability to breakdown construction operations into a logical sequence of activities
  • Ability to work in a team environment and fit in with company culture and processes.
  • Ability to professionally operate in a fast-paced environment maintained by a company in a positive, controlled growth mode.
  • Ability to work the hours required to support the role of Mid-Level Estimator.
  • Must be able to meet deadlines and put in the time needed to get the job done.
  • Effective professional oral and written communication skills
  • Must possess a strong work ethic and values that are above-reproach.
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal skills.
  • Good attention to detail with the ability to recognize discrepancies.


  • To adhere to Company policies and procedures.
  • Actively build subcontractor/supplier database and relationships to ensure the best pricing.
  • Performs the project qualification, solicitation, quantity survey, scheduling, scoping, clarifying, researching, and pricing effort for assigned pre-construction projects resulting in well-organized, professional correspondence and reports.
  • Communicates and stays abreast of the latest information, both internally and externally, that affects all aspects of cost used to prepare pre-construction estimates and correspondence.
  • Analyses alternative means and methods to determine the most economic pre-construction alternative.
  • Serves as default point of contact and advisor for assigned potential clients from initial contact to the proper point of transfer to project management representatives.
  • Actively participates in industry, client, and community relations to enhance company relationships & image.
  • Take responsibility for all pre-construction correspondence with all involved parties, including bid invitations, requests for information, addenda, and scope of work clarifications.
  • Establish complete understanding of project scope and risks associated of the work related to the request for proposal.
  • List comprehensive estimate with detailed line items appropriate for the scope of work of each project.
  • Solicit accurate pricing from qualified subcontractors/vendors/suppliers to ensure adequate competitive coverage of each estimate line item.
  • Organize project site visits if necessary to define scope and familiarity with the project.
  • Define/confirm scope of work for each subcontractor/vendor/supplier and produce written scope sheet certified by same if other documentation of scope is not completely clear.
  • Submit proposal in a professional manner and in time-frame and format required.
  • Include scope of work clarifications document to clarify any relevant information not clarified in the bid documents.
  • Participate in meeting with project management team to prepare any successful estimates for construction.
  • Monitoring the costs at the different stages of a project to ensure it stays within the estimated costs.
  • Qualify estimating norms, build a database and apply theses norms.


If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume with all relevant certified documents such as diploma, ID copy and cover letter