About us

With over 30 years’ experience in personnel supply, SFG Engineering Services boasts a large skills data base, ready for temporary or permanent mobilization into the various industries.

SFG’s expanding global footprint, offers personnel with international experience, offshore payroll solutions, project management and procurement. This makes SFG a cost effective and convenient solution for our clientele.

Skills development

In 2017, SFG implemented its internship policy which allows Human Resources, Finance and Business Management students to join the team on an 18 month internship;

SFG’s training plan offers its staff continuous development and the opportunity to tertiary education and further personal growth.


Our vision at SFG Engineering lies within providing excellence in personnel, extending far beyond a job title. As ''It takes people to make the dream a reality".


We add value to our client’s operational execution of large projects throughout Africa by offering a unique tailored package to suit their needs. Training is also given to local employees which offers our clients the local content required of them by government organisations.


We strive for customer satisfaction
Integrity and responsibility in everything we do
We have an open and transparent company culture
We are accountable and open to learning


From his humble beginnings as a tradesman marine electrician, founding owner, Duncan Macnab, found his passion in sales. The sale of welding equipment and servicing the ship repair industry spread into the industrial engineering sector. These tangible sales would evolve from exclusively equipment to temporary personnel in the form of operators. The growing demand for reliable personnel bread the beginning of SFG Engineering Services, a fully functional personnel services operation over a multitude of sectors.