SFG has a proven track record recruiting and employing a range of staff as required by the client. We source and payroll both skilled and semi skilled staff, artisans and general workers for marine refurbishments and ship maintenance and repairs. SFG ensures that all contributions and benefits are paid as stipulated by the Department of Labour or applicable governing bargaining council or employer's organisation.


SFG's database comprises the full range of staff to meet all your maritime requirements. Our experience organising large teams with a variety of skills over several years provides a deep and broad pool of tested staff. The SFG database is regularly updated to ensure that it remains relevant and current.

Training and safety

In line with clients' specifications, staff would typically undergo inductions to ensure that they are fully compliant with safety regulations. Where necessary, applicable training certificates are reviewed and verified by our team.


We provide staff related administrative services for the personnel we send to you. These tasks include:

  • Payroll management
  • Labour relations
  • Compliance with labour related legislation
  • Representation at hearings and disciplinary meetings
  • Verification of certificates
  • Transport
  • Provision of safety equipment


Typical projects would involve harbour re-fits and refurbishments including major steel work. SFG has supplied teams in excess of 700 staff for maritime projects.