Logistical Support

Logistical support

We provide logistical support to ensure every part of the recruitment process is taken care of, from contractual agreements to payroll, visas and accommodation before the project has even begun. To ensure this aspect does not hamper the project. All compliance and registration with governing bodies, councils and financial houses is arranged beforehand.

Our services include

  • Flights, Accommodation and Visas
  • Direct Payroll Payment, with Foreign Currency Support.
  • Insurance and Medical
  • Training, Certification and Access to Certified Training Facilities
  • Employee Support
  • Document Translation
  • Qualification Verification

In the event that an SFG employee suffers a work-related accident SFG works closely with the client’s safety department to minimise downtime and ensure the employee receives professional medical attention. SFG will assist with the transportation of the employee for appropriate consultations and treatments while ensuring that all records/certificates are maintained and sourced. We will process and submit all relevant documentation to the Workman’s Compensation Commissioner (WCA) or the Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Association (FEMA). SFG will also ensure that while any employee is not on-site and is entitled to pay, that wages are paid in accordance with the agreement and legislation.